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Ministry of Health will Reconsider the Admission Requirements of the Institute of Medicine in Myanmar

Myanmar Education: Due to a statement made in Nay Pyi Taw by Spokesperson from Ministry of Health, entrance requirements of the Institute of Medicine will be reconsidered.  “When we think it is the time to reconsider the entrance scores of the Institute of Medicine, we will reconsider it.” He said in Nay Pyi Taw to the inquiring reporter of Popular News Journal.

Currently there is a difference in admission requirements between male and female students when it comes to getting admitted into one of the most popular medical universities in Myanmar. Marks of male students on their matriculation examination for entrance to institute of medicine are usually about 30 marks lower than their female counterparts.  The facts being reconsidered are yet to be disclosed.  “We are still discussing the grade level.” told by the spokesperson of Ministry of Health.

There are two Institutes of Medicine in Yangon, one in Magwe and one in Mandalay, which accept about 2,400 students in total every year.  But some female students do not get a chance to study at their desired university because of the grade difference between male and female students.  One of the teenage girls told in tears that “I needed only 3 marks in my matriculation exam to fulfil the minimum requirement to enterInstituteofMedicine, only 3 marks.  If I were a male student, I would get a chance and I would be attending the university that I had dreamed of.”  Yes, it seems unfair with the admission scores.

After last year’ matriculation examination, the entry requirements to enter theInstituteofMedicinewas 460 for a male student whereas for female was 490.  “Whatever it is, male students always have advantages and it is not fair.  It should be the same between male and female students.  Or about 5 or 10 marks should be the maximum differences between male and female students.” one of the student’s parent said.

In Myanmar,the Institute of Medicine is the only university which can guarantee a proper profession for young people. Some parents think that it is an honour for them to let their children attend a medical university.  Even though their children are not interested in medicine, they force their children to attend a medical university when they have the required scores.  “Students who really wanted to attend medical university should be in those places.  It breaks the hearts of those kids who missed their chances of going to their dream university.” a parent said.

The Myanmar education market place is changing. Due to a report from one of the students attending medical university in China, some parents from Myanmar who can afford university fees send their children to a medical university in China rather than in Myanmar for example.

Posted on 15 February 2012

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