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Myanmar car importing and CIF value

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Myanmar Car Market, Car Import to Myanmar Linked to More Car Racing

Posted on 17 June 2012 by Myanmar Guardian

Myanmar car marketYangon, Myanmar, Myanmar car market:

if you love cars and read the car journal in Myanmar, you are bound to have witness car racing events in Yangon. Although illegal, these races on the main streets of Yangon are still taking place. Even though this is a common event in Yangon for a few years now, more information about this is surfacing. This is attributed in part to the growing car importing trend in Myanmar and the overgrowing Myanmar car market.

Some taxi drivers and eye witnesses told the government newspaper that there are car races on streets when heavy traffic is subsided, especially at night time.  Due to the high speed, there have been some car accidents, reported the government newspaper in Yangon.

“They are not doing these races spontaneously; I think they had planned for the time and place.  Not only at midnight, but also in the late evening; sometimes they are racing at about 9 or 10 PM. Most of them are sport cars usually driven very fast.  Sometimes, even taxis are included. Taxis usually wait for the passenger at the highway bus terminal which is located at the suburb of Yangon, at the early morning at about 4 AM.  When they have passengers, they drive at high speed so that they can queue again at the highway bus terminal before sun rise.” One witness told the government Myanmar newspaper, The Mirror.

In the report from The Mirror, one taxi driver told that, “It is very dangerous for the citizens who are using main roads, especially individuals that are walking.  I think they will not take any responsibility when accident happens. Surely they will drive away. Government should give special attention to these matters and they should take action upon those night time high speed drivers.”

Government newspaper also reported that those illegal racers totally neglect the traffic lights.  So, drivers that have the right of way usually get into trouble and encountered some accidents even though they had the right way. “Those cars are speeding very fast, so fast that I could not even read its license plates with my own eyes.  I saw some on the Ka Ba Aye Pagoda road, near Sedona Hotel.  It could be a threat to the foreigners who come to visit our country”, told by one of the resident who lives near Sedona Hotel.

As car importing becomes more common in Myanmar, car prices on the Myanmar car market are decreasing. Young people are more and more interested in sports cars. Having witness this, Myanmar government raised up the import tax for sports cars recently thereby making the Myanmar car CIF price higher. Although this is a start, the Myanmar car market is seen rapid changes so more policies are needed in order to keep racing in check.

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Myanmar Imported Cars

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Myanmar Imported Cars Need License in Shorter Time

Posted on 09 February 2012 by Rob

Ordinary civilians from Myanmar are now allowed to import used cars, thanks to the implementation by the new government of Myanmar, which started about 4 months ago and since new cars without license plates are common scene on the roads ofYangon, former capital city ofMyanmar.  Government is trying its best to provide license plates but the number of vehicles imported far exceeds the capability of current work force.  “It only took about 2 weeks to get the license plates with the newly imported cars 2 or 3 months ago.  But now we have been waiting for a month and still haven’t got registered.” one of the newly imported car owners said.

Even though it is illegal to drive a car without a license plate inMyanmar, car owners are being very active with their newly imported cars and using it everywhere.  “It is dangerous for other car drivers and citizens.  If something happened, we don’t have any evidence with the car as they don’t have any license plate and they would surely run away” a driver said.  “At night there are illegal car races too.   I have seen car races two or three times.  They are racing on the main roads.  Very dangerous, they never slow down and they are usually like gangsters.  So we, taxi drivers, need to take extra caution with those illegal car races and non-licensed cars.” a night shift taxi driver said.

Actually the government is producing temporary license plates within a week from the imported date, but it is on a sheet of white paper meant to be put on the windshield.  So even though car owners put it on the windshield, it cannot be easily seen from the outside of the vehicle.  Moreover, in the mean time, cars with temporary license can only drive their cars for the registration purpose.

For the past 20 years, the government had closed doors to import cars. One of the car owners who imported car during that period explained that they had to get the temporary license plates before getting their car from seaport.  And those license plates needed to be installed properly before driving around on roads. Not like the paper temporary license plate like the one we are seeing these days.

It is true that the government needs to shorten license registration processing time but it is not only concerned with rulingMyanmargovernment.  Some car owners purposely are not trying at all to get the license plate.  Most of them want their cars with newer license numbers and that is the reason why they are running away from the registration.

Currently, traffic police promulgated that car owners will be fined if caught with non-licensed car.  Or even if the car has temporary license, its owners need to pay fine if they are found during the non-office hours or not on the route to the registration office.  Since the fine is only over 50,000 Kyats, about 62 US dollars, most of the car owners are paying the mere amount happily and residents are still worried about the unwanted road accidents.

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