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Myanmar education system

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A Good Education System in Myanmar Is Vital

Posted on 21 May 2012 by Myanmar Guardian

Yangon, Myanmar: For the development of the country and the development of the children of Myanmar,  a good education system is vital; told by National League for Democracy Party leader, Daw San Suu Kyi, in her canvass for votes around Upper Myanmar which she and her party held recently.  “Education is vital for our country, to educate our own children; without good education, how can it be possible?  It’s our own children and they need to live their own lives in dignity; they need a quality education, a proper education.  Without proper education how can they live their lives in pride?” told by Daw Aung Suu Kyi in her speech.

To have better education system in Myanmar, she pointed out that teachers need to be more experienced in their respective subjects; they need more support and also need to teach children acceptable behaviours and good morals. Schools in Myanmar also need to provide more proper teaching aids for the students.  As our world is developing fast in this Information age, the school syllabus needs to be updated to reflect current events and teaching practices.

Students should feel confident with their own education system.  They must have a clear feeling of being safe in their school environment.  Their education must guarantee their future. Students should feel “we are safe, as we have teachers who can teach the subjects which can guarantee for our lives; we have learning aids which will support our studies.  The education curriculum that is being presented needs to be updated and can guarantee opportunities for a professional job; they must have confidence in their education system” told by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi in her speech which was made in Na Htoe Gyi Township.

“Students who could not get the job regarding the education they had learned that is totally nonsense.  By this way, our country is having a great loss.”  “Aren’t there any job opportunities for those students? She asked. “To make a country developed in various sectors, administration is important.  We all are working together to bring a better administration in our country.  If someone asks me ‘whether policy or people are important for the development of a country, ‘policy’ is my answer.  Policy controls people.  Without a properly formed policy, even good citizens can be swayed to the bad side.”  She spoke in her speech.

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Myanmar tuition centers

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Will Private Tuition Be Eradicated in Myanmar?

Posted on 21 February 2012 by Rob

Yangon, Myanmar: Rumors are spreading within ministry of education that government will rule out private tuitions for basic education system inMyanmar.  Currently, primary to high school students need to attend private tuitions to learn their lessons properly as most of the teachers at schools are notorious for not concentrating enough in their duties. The low pay scale to teachers inMyanmaris to be blamed for such corruption in the education system.  Finance minister announced that the ruling government will raise the pay scale to all government officials in coming fiscal year and ruling out private tuitions can be the outcome of rising pay scale, vice minister stated.

Popular News Journal reported that government will not only raise the pay scale of teachers in basic education schools, but also hire more teachers to reinforce the current basic education inMyanmarand will also give promotions to the hard working headmasters and headmistresses.  In a report from Popular News Journal, vice minister, U Ayi Qu said “Ministry is providing a good care to the teachers and other officials concerning with education, so that they will have to concentrate in providing sufficient care to their students.  Yes, they are getting low pay and providing tuitions in order to make ends meet. With the government raising the pay scale, we suppose they won’t be providing private tuitions apart from school lessons”.

Currently a primary school teacher is earning 50,000 Kyats (about 60 US dollar) as a monthly salary and it is only about 1500 Kyats (about 2 US dollar) per day.  That is why they need to provide private tuitions to earn a living.  Even though they provide private tuitions, some teachers also teach properly in schools but the rest do not do so in order to persuade students to attend their private classes.  It has been a common practice in public schools ofMyanmarfor more than two decades.  If they earn enough, private tuitions can be disappeared in education system ofMyanmar.

One of the retired teachers discussed that despite the attractive payroll, it will still be difficult to rule out private tuitions.  He said there’d be doing fewer tuitions sessions than before but he thinks they will still be there until students are getting proper education at their schools.

Some parents also suggest that updating the syllabus is also essential for producing more quality students inMyanmar.  And they also expect teachers to put more concentration in their students not only at private tuitions but also at their schools.

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