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Myanmar tourism and beaches

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Myanmar Tourism and Opportunities for Hotel & Resorts Operators

Posted on 09 June 2012 by Myanmar Guardian

Myanmar tourismMyanmar Tourism:

If you are looking to investing into Myanmar tourism, travel, and hospitality industry, take note. Myanmar celebrated “Thingyan” or the water festival not too long ago, which is the celebration of New Year according to Myanmar calendar.  Most offices are closed for 10 days during the Myanmar New Year and all companies are typically closed for 6 to 7  days.  It is usually the longest holiday of the whole year. Bus stations are crowded with folks who are going back to their homes and for vacations.  During this holiday, Myanmar tourism is in full bloom and hotel and resorts operators are taking advantage.

Among the vacation spots, beaches are one of the most popular destinations and Chaung Tha is among those beaches.  It is the nearest beach from Yangon usually about a 5 hour drive.  Bungalows and hotels were in full swing preparing for the holiday and they have double the room rates this year.  Even though they have set high room rates, all rooms are always fully booked by the time every year.

“We have made some changes with the room rates.  It will start from 45,000 Kyats ($54) to 70,000 Kyats ($85)” told by the owner of Grand Hotel (ChaungThaBeach), U Min Kyaw Oo.  “Yes, we have changed the hotel room rates. It will be 140,000 Kyats ($170) for a double room” told by the one of the staff from Lai Lai Hotel. Myanmar tourism is evidently going through a positive transformation and tour and package vacations to Myanmar is seen an increase in demand.

Hotel Max, one of the well known hotels in Chaung Tha Beach told that all of their rooms are fully booked for Thingyan.  The room which used to cost 40,000 Kyats ($48 ) changed to 60,000 Kyats ($73 US Dollars) to 88,000 Kyats ($ 107) as told by Hotel Max.

Ngwe Saung beach, the beach which is not very far from Chaung  Tha Beach is also popular, especially with the foreigners.  Room rates from Ngwe Saung Beachwere also raised for the upcoming Thingyan water festival, the Myanmar New Year.

Given these tourism facts, it is clear that Myanmar tourism is benefiting from increased tourism and local people being able to afford a holiday. If you are looking to take advantage of investing in Myanmar tourism and overall hospitality industry this is the time to do it. The service industry has seen a boom in the last few years and it only shows positive signs for now.

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Myanmar domestic air flights prices

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Myanmar Domestic Air Fares Will Remain Unchanged

Posted on 05 May 2012 by Myanmar Guardian

There’s been news about raising Myanmar air fares among the Myanmar travel agents and frequent flyers to Myanmar for about 8 days now. However, there’s good news if you’re planning on traveling to Myanmar: domestic air fares will remain unchanged. About 10 days ago, local air lines received a letter from Ministry of Energy, stating that they will raise up the aircraft fuel (JE – A1) prices, so the private line fares jumped up to 7,000 Kyats ($9 USD) for the locals and about $15 USD for the foreigner travelers.

Due to a report from 7 Days News Journal, Ministry of Energy reconsidered their decision about raising up the air craft fuel (JE – A1) prices. The Ministry of Energy announced that the selling price of aircraft fuel will remain at 6,500 Kyats ($8 USD) per gallon. The price will remain unchanged starting from 6th of March, 2012; the 7 Days News Journal reported in its breaking news report.

“As the aircraft fuel price will remain unchanged. We will also cancel the new air fares which we raised up just to match up with the new fuel surcharge. Local air fares will remain unchanged.  It will be the same for all local airlines in Myanmar. They will also cancel the new air fares.” told by one of the officials from Air Mandalay, one of the domestic air lines of Myanmar.

If Ministry of Energy did not reconsider the aircraft fuel price, the new fares will become effective starting from 8th of March, 2012, but with this good news, everything is back to normal.  “It is really good. As you know, we usually pre-sell our domestic tickets; we cannot take extra charges for the sold tickets.  It will be the loss to our companies, but now it is a relief to hear this good news.” told by one of the staff from a local travel agent inYangon.

An experienced Myanmar travel journalist from Australia also told that, “The news that there will be no fuel surcharge on domestic air tickets is heart-warming news. Only then we can compete with our neighboring countries price-wise as flights are one of the most expensive parts of a traveler’s expenses.  But any policy decision must be rational and reliable. Only then, our Myanmar tour companies can gain the credence from our overseas counterparts.

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Myanmar airways

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Flight Delays in Yangon

Posted on 26 February 2012 by Rob

Yangon, Myanmar: Due to the massive fog that swept over Yangon in the morning of February 23rd; there were long hour flight delays. The massive fog and low visibility resulted in about 20 flights both local and international to be stranded. Travelers were jam-packed inside the Yangon International airport. “This morning we had huge fog and light snows here, and we had no other option other than delaying all scheduled flights. There were minimum 3 hours delay.” told by one of the duty officers of Yangon International air port at about noon on February 23rd.

Among the delayed flights was the one going to Myitkyina (northern part of Myanmar) through Mandalay (middle part of Myanmar) and Bamaw (one of the cities in Myitkyna) on which National League for Democracy Leader, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi would be aboard. Her Myitkyina trip for soliciting votes was scheduled to start at about10ambut due to the delay, the flight carrying Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and her party could only take off at about9:45 amand reached their destination at11:53 am.

Most of the flights faced 3 hours delay and some local flights got 5 hours massive delay.  “Actually the departure time is 10:45 ambut as you see, I am still waiting at the air port.”  a frustrated traveler vented out at about 1:30 pmin Yangon International air port. Consequences of the delay affected some other local airports too.  One of the travelers from local airlines, Asia Wing, told the enquiring reporter  “My trip was scheduled to depart at 12:40 PMbut it has been announced to take off at 3 PM.  So I have got to wait here.”  Her trip was from Mandalayto Myitkyina from Mandalay International airport.

As National League for Democracy leader, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi was planned to arrive Myitkyina at about 9,  people were gathering in front of the airport as usual. Reporting journalist from Yangon Press International said there were about 300 people and some university students were among the crowd, most of which had to be dispersed due to the holdup of the flights.  Daw Aung San Suu Kyi arrived Myitkyina at noon time and headed to Na Ma Tee (one of the cities in Myitkyina) surrounded by 30 or 40 cars and tens of motor cycles reported by Yangon Press International.

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