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Myanmar gas leak in Mingalardon township, Yangon

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Gas Leak in Mingalardon Township, Myanmar

Posted on 14 February 2012 by Rob

Strong smell of Butane gas is widely spread in Pa Da Myar ward, located in the suburb of Mingalardon Township, Yangon, Myanmar. The smell has been spreading since January 27th and it is coming from soil surface. “We could smell Butane gas. So we checked our gas lighters inside our homes but there were no leaks. We have asked our neighbours around and they also do not use gas related items and at last we found out that the smell is coming from the soil surface.” told by one of the residents of Pa Da Myar ward.  We are afraid of a potential explosion. That is why we have reported to the ward superintendent and later to the officials. There’s a no-smoking sign there now.” He added.

Later, officials from Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprises (MOGE) of Ministry of Energy came and inspected the place and confirmed that the smell came from surroundings, not from soil surface. However it is confirmed that it is the smell of Butane gas.  “Yes, it is the smell of gas that we put in gas lighter.  But it is not from the soil surface. It is coming from surroundings.  We think it is the result of reaction between dried leaves and humus.  We can only confirm that it is coming from surrounding place but cannot confirm the source yet.” one of the officials from Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprises explained. “We currently can confirm that it is the smell of the reaction between dried leaves and humus”, he mentioned.

But residents from Pa Dar Myar Ward are still having strong smell of Butane gas and they are worried about the impending explosion and also worried about their health. Ward superintendent and other officials assumed that husk of rice can block the holes located on the soil surface.  So they spread those husks over the ground.  “Even though they’ve put husk over the surface, we are still having that smell”; we were told by the residents of Pa Da Myar ward.

Most of the citizens who have heard or read that news are not satisfied with the job being done by Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprises (MOGE), a government organization.  They argued that officials
should use some kind of technologies like gas detectors rather than relying on their own instinct. And most of the educated people do not agree with the reason given.  They said smell of Butane gas cannot be produced by the reaction between dried leaves and humus.

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barcamp yangon, myanmar

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IT in Myanmar: Daw Aung San Suu Kyi Speech at Barcamp Yangon 2012

Posted on 13 February 2012 by Rob

Yangon, Myanmar: Barcamp Yangon 2012 was celebrated on 11th and 12th February.  On the first day at the opening ceremony, the invited special guest, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi delivered a speech to the young people of Myanmar concerning the Information Technology (IT) sector in Myanmar.

She said, “Every profession has its good end and bad side.  Currently, young people from our country, Myanmar, are using technology in a very good way in my opinion.  To make our world a better place, to bring our fellow citizens to a more developed status, I would like to suggest thinking how you could apply this technology in an effective and good way.”

“I like this name, Barcamp, a lot.  Because the basic elements of this word are sharings, public participations, open talk, etc.  Among them I love the idea about sharing in Barcamp.  If someone withholds his or her knowledge without sharing any, it won’t be beneficial for all people.  It is not a good habit.  In Barcamp, people are sharing everything they know to everyone.  This, in my opinion, is the best thing of Barcamp.  As you all know, there is a saying in eastern culture; when a lighted candle share its light to other candles, it will become brighter without the firstly lighted candle loosing its brightness.  Sharing makes our world a brighter place.”  She added.

She also admonished to the young people that “Profession or, wisdom is a light.  But if you use it in wrong way, it will be in total darkness.  If Information Technology is used as a light, in a proper
way, it will bring more benefits to our country, and our life.   Currently our country is far left behind compared to our neighbouring countries.  Information Technology is one of the keys in pushing
our country forward.  Only then, we can become a more developed country in a shorter time. We need more young people from the IT industry for our country.  We are now having the opportunities in information technology which we previously did not even dream of. That’s why I would like to urge you to use it wisely and value it.

“At the same time, while you all are busy with the latest technologies do not forget the past, do not forget the history.  You can walk on the right path only if you know the history of our country.” She added. It has been three times since Barcamp is being held inYangon and this time it is scheduled on 11th and 12th of February.  Among the topics of first day, the discussion about slow internet connection inMyanmar and ways to solve it was the hottest topic, stated in official Barcamp facebook fan page.

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Myanmar travel and tourism

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Myanmar Tourism, A New Era

Posted on 07 February 2012 by Rob

Myanmar tourismMyanmar Tourism:

Myanmar tourism, travel and hospitality sector is booming. According to the recently published statistics from the Ministry of Hotel and Tourism, the income of Myanmar Tourism industry has increased by over 25% in 2011 when compared to 2010 which is valued at more than 60 million US dollars. The new Myanmar government along with its tourism policies that includes Myanmar visa regulations and its positive outlook is paying off.  In terms of pure economics, it is evident that tourists are spending more money than in previous years while visiting Myanmar. According to a well known tour guide, “Usually a tourist stays in our country for about 8 days and spends 120 USD per day on average.”

More and more tourists are pouring in to see the natural beauty of Myanmar. American tourists are increasing.  Until mid 2011, only a few Americans have visited Myanmar, making up only about 1% of total visitors.  This is a result of a travel boycott which began in 1996, initiated by the Nobel Laureate for Peace, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, and endorsed by the British ex-prime minister, Tony Blair along with a few selected tour groups.  Given the boycott, Myanmar tourism and in specific travel agencies barely survived.

An experience tour guide, Htun Myat said; “We have more American visitors these days. I think it is over 40% than previous years. Due to my experience, American tourists assumed they were making a shameful mistake for visiting our country.” He added.  But after Hillary Clinton, United States Secretary of State, paid a visit to Myanmar and met with president U Thein Sein and also with Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, things started to change.  Clearly, there are more American tourists interested in seeing Myanmar and in Myanmar tourism.

U Tint Naung from Golden Express Travel and Tour states that, there’s more demand now than in the past. “Agents who are currently handling American tourists are now interested in Myanmar and some of them have contacted us to offer package tours with us.”  He said. In terms of popular destinations in Myanmar, Bagan is one of the top destinations in Myanmar.  Visitors also visit Mandalay, the last kingdom of Myanmar and Inle Lake to see the leg rowers.  Nowadays, tourists are also visiting some remote places such as Than Phyu Zayat, a place where many of the prisoners of war gave up their lives while constructing the “Railway of Death”, the renowned bridge over the Kwai River. Myanmar tourism and the overall travel industry is definitely seeing a change and is all for the better.

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