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27th SEA Games, Yangon Hotel Rooms Allocated

Posted on 20 June 2012 by Myanmar Guardian

27th SEA games, myanmar27th SEA Games, Myanmar:

If you own a hotel in Yangon Myanmar, things can be looking up for you as the 27th SEA games are approaching. According to The Myanmar Post News Journal, Ministry of Sports had asked all hotels from Yangon to leave at least 20% of their rooms vacated for the upcoming 27th SEA Games which will be celebrated in Yangon for the first time.

Since 27th SEA games will be celebrated in 2013 December which happens to be travel peak season, most hotels are packed with travelers from all over the world.  That is why Ministry of Sports is requesting all hotels in Yangon to spare some rooms for the athletes and administrative personnel. This request was made by U Aye Myint Kyu, vice minister of Ministry of Sports, The Myanmar Post weekly news journal reported.

“We will try to arrange for best accommodation for the athletes as we can.  Hotel from Yangon Hotelier Association will be reserved for the athletes and those big name hotels will be for the management and administrative personnel.” Told by U Aye Myint Kyu, vice minister of Ministry of Sports.

Even though the vice minister did not state the amount of rooms to be left for the SEA game, various sources from Hotels told that he had requested at least 20% to be left for the government’s usage for the SEA game.  Currently, there are 187 hotels in Yangon and 7,934 rooms in total.  Six types of sporting events will be held in Yangon during 27th SEA games and there will be about a thousand of athletes and staff.

“Actually, there are only about 40 hotels which have the acceptable standard.  There will be about 1,200 rooms in total.  We need to negotiate with all hotels for this matter”, told by chairman of Yangon Zone Hotelier Association, U Tin Win.

In terms of hotel prices in Yangon, Myanmar, it is known that the government expects to charge about $50 per day for the room which will include breakfast and lunch. As economy is growing in Myanmar, to get a room is becoming a challenge in Yangon.  “Even though it is a low season, all rooms are booked.  We have such difficulty to book a room for our guests” told by one of the staff from newly formed travel agency. So if you’re planning on attending the 27th SEA games in Myanmar, you’re advised to book your hotel room in advance!

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Myanmar mobile phones

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Quality Telecommunication System for the 27th Sea Games, Myanmar

Posted on 18 March 2012 by Myanmar Guardian

Yangon, Myanmar: Before hosting and celebrating the 27th Sea Game in 2013, the Myanmar government will upgrade current telecommunication system to fit the needs and to be with the same standard as the ASEAN countries, told by U Thein Htun, minister of Ministry of Post and Telecommunication on February 28th. National workshop on ICT for Inclusive Socio-Economic Development and Poverty Reduction was held on February 27th and 28th in Myanmar Convention Centre; Nay Pyi Taw, the new capital of Myanmar.

The above statement was declared by the minister of Ministry of Post and telecommunication on the closing ceremony of ICT workshop. “The main problem we are currently facing is the needs of infrastructures.  We need to build more basic buildings, but if we get more participation from private sectors, IT sectors, and other sectors, we can reach our goal in near future.” told by U Thein Htun, the minister.

During the 27th Sea Games, to update news, scores from international sports journalists and media, Myanmar is currently in demand of high speed internet connection such as Wimax, Wifi etc. Plus, much more reliable mobile telecommunication network and infrastructure are also needed for the athletes who will participate in the Sea Games. Because of the athletes and representatives from various countries, International Roaming System is also needed for the current telecommunication system.

Second Vice President, Dr. Sai Mauk Kham, also a chairman of 27th Sea Game preparation committee discussed in third preparation meeting that training grounds and “Sports Village”, where hostels and lodging houses will be located, need fast internet connections.  He discussed about how the committee should implement the infrastructure for high speed internet connection in training grounds and Sports Village. He also asked the officials to make sure all the athletes and media to be able to use the convenient telecommunication system, such as Internet, Email and mobile networks in 27th Sea Games.

With regards to “30 million mobile phones” project set by ruling government, 4 million mobile phone SIM card will roll out in this month as the first year project plan. There are some rumors spreading that ruling government will sell new mobile SIM cards with lower price, about 300,000 Kyats (about 365 US dollars), which was previously sold with 500,000 Kyats (about 610 US dollars).

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