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Myanmar tourism and beaches

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Myanmar Tourism and Opportunities for Hotel & Resorts Operators

Posted on 09 June 2012 by Myanmar Guardian

Myanmar tourismMyanmar Tourism:

If you are looking to investing into Myanmar tourism, travel, and hospitality industry, take note. Myanmar celebrated “Thingyan” or the water festival not too long ago, which is the celebration of New Year according to Myanmar calendar.  Most offices are closed for 10 days during the Myanmar New Year and all companies are typically closed for 6 to 7  days.  It is usually the longest holiday of the whole year. Bus stations are crowded with folks who are going back to their homes and for vacations.  During this holiday, Myanmar tourism is in full bloom and hotel and resorts operators are taking advantage.

Among the vacation spots, beaches are one of the most popular destinations and Chaung Tha is among those beaches.  It is the nearest beach from Yangon usually about a 5 hour drive.  Bungalows and hotels were in full swing preparing for the holiday and they have double the room rates this year.  Even though they have set high room rates, all rooms are always fully booked by the time every year.

“We have made some changes with the room rates.  It will start from 45,000 Kyats ($54) to 70,000 Kyats ($85)” told by the owner of Grand Hotel (ChaungThaBeach), U Min Kyaw Oo.  “Yes, we have changed the hotel room rates. It will be 140,000 Kyats ($170) for a double room” told by the one of the staff from Lai Lai Hotel. Myanmar tourism is evidently going through a positive transformation and tour and package vacations to Myanmar is seen an increase in demand.

Hotel Max, one of the well known hotels in Chaung Tha Beach told that all of their rooms are fully booked for Thingyan.  The room which used to cost 40,000 Kyats ($48 ) changed to 60,000 Kyats ($73 US Dollars) to 88,000 Kyats ($ 107) as told by Hotel Max.

Ngwe Saung beach, the beach which is not very far from Chaung  Tha Beach is also popular, especially with the foreigners.  Room rates from Ngwe Saung Beachwere also raised for the upcoming Thingyan water festival, the Myanmar New Year.

Given these tourism facts, it is clear that Myanmar tourism is benefiting from increased tourism and local people being able to afford a holiday. If you are looking to take advantage of investing in Myanmar tourism and overall hospitality industry this is the time to do it. The service industry has seen a boom in the last few years and it only shows positive signs for now.

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Myanmar domestic air flights prices

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Myanmar Domestic Air Fares Will Remain Unchanged

Posted on 05 May 2012 by Myanmar Guardian

There’s been news about raising Myanmar air fares among the Myanmar travel agents and frequent flyers to Myanmar for about 8 days now. However, there’s good news if you’re planning on traveling to Myanmar: domestic air fares will remain unchanged. About 10 days ago, local air lines received a letter from Ministry of Energy, stating that they will raise up the aircraft fuel (JE – A1) prices, so the private line fares jumped up to 7,000 Kyats ($9 USD) for the locals and about $15 USD for the foreigner travelers.

Due to a report from 7 Days News Journal, Ministry of Energy reconsidered their decision about raising up the air craft fuel (JE – A1) prices. The Ministry of Energy announced that the selling price of aircraft fuel will remain at 6,500 Kyats ($8 USD) per gallon. The price will remain unchanged starting from 6th of March, 2012; the 7 Days News Journal reported in its breaking news report.

“As the aircraft fuel price will remain unchanged. We will also cancel the new air fares which we raised up just to match up with the new fuel surcharge. Local air fares will remain unchanged.  It will be the same for all local airlines in Myanmar. They will also cancel the new air fares.” told by one of the officials from Air Mandalay, one of the domestic air lines of Myanmar.

If Ministry of Energy did not reconsider the aircraft fuel price, the new fares will become effective starting from 8th of March, 2012, but with this good news, everything is back to normal.  “It is really good. As you know, we usually pre-sell our domestic tickets; we cannot take extra charges for the sold tickets.  It will be the loss to our companies, but now it is a relief to hear this good news.” told by one of the staff from a local travel agent inYangon.

An experienced Myanmar travel journalist from Australia also told that, “The news that there will be no fuel surcharge on domestic air tickets is heart-warming news. Only then we can compete with our neighboring countries price-wise as flights are one of the most expensive parts of a traveler’s expenses.  But any policy decision must be rational and reliable. Only then, our Myanmar tour companies can gain the credence from our overseas counterparts.

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Air KBZ Myanmar

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Flights to Myanmar to Increase in Price Due to Higher Fuel Cost

Posted on 11 March 2012 by Myanmar Guardian

flights to myanmar


Flights to Myanmar:

Yangon,Myanmar: Some local air lines announced that new flights to Myanmar will start to take effect from 1st March, 2012 due to higher fuel surcharges.

“Ministry of Energy sent letters to local airlines stating that starting from 1st March, 2012; they will raise up the aircraft fuel prices.  As a result, private local airlines need to increase the air fare to cover up the new fuel surcharges for each and every trip.  We don’t know the new rate from Ministry of Energy yet.  Flights to Myanmar and within can be raised up about 15,000 Kyats (about 20 US dollar) more than current price” was told by one of the officers from local air line.

Yangon to Mandalay air ticket was priced at 65,000 Kyats for the local people previously and now they need to pay extra 12,000 Kyats, so that it will be 67,000 Kyats (about 81 US dollar) in total. Foreigners need to add 15 US Dollar for a Yangon-Mandalay air ticket. WithYangon- Nyaung Oo (Bagan) ticket, it was 54,000 Kyats (about 65 US dollar) for the locals and now 12,000 Kyats is added up, and new air fare will be 66,000 Kyats. For foreigners, extra 15 US Dollars have to be added to the current fare.

For Heho – Nyaung Oo air ticket, it used to cost 41,000 Kyats (about 50 US dollars) for the locals but with the new air fare, tickets will be sold for 48,000 Kyats; 7,000 Kyats and 15 US dollar for the foreigners will be collected as extra. From Mandalay to Nyaung Oo, it was 24,000 Kyats (about 30 US dollars) with the previous air fare and now it has become 31,000 Kyats because of the new fuel surcharges.  For this trip, every foreigner needs to pay 10 extra US Dollars.  To the upper most part of Myanmar, Myitkyina, from Yangon, new fuel surcharge are also raised for the locals and 25 USDollar for foreigners.

Myanmar government also raised up the petrol and diesel prices starting from 1st March.  It was about 3,500 Kyats (about 4.3 US dollar) per gallon for diesel and this was raised up to 4,000 Kyats (about 4.8 US dollar) starting from 1st March.  It was the same with petrol prices, the price became 3,700 Kyats (about 4.5 US dollar) from 3,500 Kyats per gallon.  Even though local people do not have much interest upon raising air fare, they do have some issues with the new petrol and diesel prices as they are worried that commodity prices will also increase as a consequence. So if you’re looking for flights to Myanmar either from outside or within, it pays to shop and compare prices.

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ice wonderland – credit voice weekly

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First Ever Ice Museum in Myanmar

Posted on 27 February 2012 by Rob

Yangon, Myanmar: The first ever ice museum of Myanmar is now opened in Yangon, KanDaw Gyi Botanical Garden, starting from February 25th.  Chief Executive Officer of Asia Myanmar Consortium Development, U Nyein Aung, told The Voice Weekly News Journal that they had invested 1.5 million US Dollar for the first ice statue museum of Myanmar. Admission fees are 5,000 Kyats (about 6 US Dollar) for adults and 3,000 Kyats (about 3.5 US Dollar) for children, told by U Nyein Aung.  “In foreign countries, admission fees are usually about 12 US Dollar, but here, it is only about half the price.  It is worth to visit.” He added.

The admission fees mentioned above are for weekends and it will be 4,000 Kyat (about 5 US Dollar) on weekdays but it is still 3,000 Kyats for the children.  Foreigners will have to pay 10 US Dollar as admission fees. “5,000 Kyats is not bad.  It is truly worth it.  But I think it will be too much for most of the citizens.” told by one of the young men who also want to visit but cannot afford the admission fees.  “Umm, I am also excited to visit the museum.  Admission fees is not that expensive, but as I want to visit together with my family, I have to think about the total cost.” told by one of the housewives.

The museum will be maintained at -10 degree Celsius and currently exhibiting Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower, Mandalay Mont, Some Chinese fairy tale figures and some widely known cartoon figures as ice statues for children. They were sculptured by 20 Chinese Ice Statue Sculptors from Harbin, China, who have been sculpturing since 1st February till 18th February.  And The Voice Weekly Journal reported that those sculptors will create some new statues from time to time to entertain frequent visitors.

As the outside temperature of Yangon is usually about 30 degree Celsius, there is a buffer room which is maintained at 16 degree Celsius.  Visitors need to stay in a buffer room for 15 minutes before entering the Ice Statues Museum.  There is also a medical doctor in stand by for the elderly and those with heart diseases, told by the on-duty doctor, Dr Thinzar Aung.

This Ice Statue Museum was built in “L” shape and now operating 9 am to 9 pm every day.  The Voice Weekly also reported that there is a place for children to ice skate in the museum.  It is the first Ice Statue Museum in Myanmar and 4th in South East Asia.

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Myanmar travel and tourism

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Myanmar Tourism, A New Era

Posted on 07 February 2012 by Rob

Myanmar tourismMyanmar Tourism:

Myanmar tourism, travel and hospitality sector is booming. According to the recently published statistics from the Ministry of Hotel and Tourism, the income of Myanmar Tourism industry has increased by over 25% in 2011 when compared to 2010 which is valued at more than 60 million US dollars. The new Myanmar government along with its tourism policies that includes Myanmar visa regulations and its positive outlook is paying off.  In terms of pure economics, it is evident that tourists are spending more money than in previous years while visiting Myanmar. According to a well known tour guide, “Usually a tourist stays in our country for about 8 days and spends 120 USD per day on average.”

More and more tourists are pouring in to see the natural beauty of Myanmar. American tourists are increasing.  Until mid 2011, only a few Americans have visited Myanmar, making up only about 1% of total visitors.  This is a result of a travel boycott which began in 1996, initiated by the Nobel Laureate for Peace, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, and endorsed by the British ex-prime minister, Tony Blair along with a few selected tour groups.  Given the boycott, Myanmar tourism and in specific travel agencies barely survived.

An experience tour guide, Htun Myat said; “We have more American visitors these days. I think it is over 40% than previous years. Due to my experience, American tourists assumed they were making a shameful mistake for visiting our country.” He added.  But after Hillary Clinton, United States Secretary of State, paid a visit to Myanmar and met with president U Thein Sein and also with Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, things started to change.  Clearly, there are more American tourists interested in seeing Myanmar and in Myanmar tourism.

U Tint Naung from Golden Express Travel and Tour states that, there’s more demand now than in the past. “Agents who are currently handling American tourists are now interested in Myanmar and some of them have contacted us to offer package tours with us.”  He said. In terms of popular destinations in Myanmar, Bagan is one of the top destinations in Myanmar.  Visitors also visit Mandalay, the last kingdom of Myanmar and Inle Lake to see the leg rowers.  Nowadays, tourists are also visiting some remote places such as Than Phyu Zayat, a place where many of the prisoners of war gave up their lives while constructing the “Railway of Death”, the renowned bridge over the Kwai River. Myanmar tourism and the overall travel industry is definitely seeing a change and is all for the better.

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